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Phantom Athletics Impact Mouthguard

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A mouthguard is the most important part of your martial arts equipment. Broken teeth hurt, are expensive and look like shit - so invest in a good mouthguard and be safe.

Our "IMPACT" mouthguards feature a two layer construction that provides stability and comfort. They are "boil and bite", which means that you need to put them in boiling water to soften them and fit them to your jaw and teeth. Once heated, the inner gel layer covers every single tooth and fits perfectly. This way we can provide a solid protection. Additional "jaw-pads" between your molars deliver an additional shock absorption and might help to prevent concussions.

  • Two layer technology for maximum protection
  • Inside gel-liner provides a secure and comfortable fit
  • Additional jaw pads
  • Improved breathing ability
  • Including Case and fitting instructions
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Adult (12 years+)