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Opro Lower Braces Gen 4 Mouth Guard Pearl


Opro Lower Braces Gen 4 Mouth Guard Pearl




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Product Description

Specially designed for wearers of fixed braces on their lower teeth, these OPRO Mouthguard Lower Braces provide maximum protection against front and concussive blows. Their anatomically designed tongue-facing shape ensures an accurate and retentive fit, while the convenient handle makes fitting them quick and easy.

Features and Benefits of Lower Braces

  • Offer maximum protection against front and concussive blows
  • Designed for wearers of fixed braces on the lower teeth
  • Suitable for users aged seven to adults
  • Anatomical tongue-facing shape for accurate and retentive fit
  • Come with a handle for easy fitting
  • Latex-free for reduced irritation

How Do Mouthguards Work?

Without wearing a mouthguard, any blow to the facial area sends shockwaves through the skull and a direct impact to the teeth can result in fracture. Other blows, in particular to the lower jaw area, can result in further damage whereby the the lower jaw can slam the jaws together in a sudden impact and force the sharp lower teeth into the back of the upper teeth causing fracture. In some cases, the force of a blow is such to fracture the entire jaw or cause concussion.

Mouthguards act like shock absorbers by spreading the force over a larger area which dissipates energy and reduces its effect, preventing or vastly reducing any injury.


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Mouth Guards
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