Opro Custom Fit Mouthguard Kit


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Opro Custom MouthGuard Kit contains everything you need to acquire a mid-weight single colour Opro Custom Gum Shield. Opro Custom offers the best protection against all forms of dental, facial and concussive injuries and is more effective than any self-fit mouthguards.

Individually shaped to your mouth, the detailed imprint of the teeth means Opro's grip tightly as well as being specially shaped to improve breathing and speech.

Simply make your own dental impression with the kit provided (full instructions are given) - Send to Opro. who will make your own personal mouthguard - Your personal mouthguard (with your name or club name on it) should arrive within ten working days.

Whilst you wait for your Opro Custom to arrive you are also provided with an Opro Bronze Mouth Guard to use!

Certain mouthguard designs are available at an extra cost.