Nike KO Boxing Boots Black/Gold

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Nike KO Boxing Shoes - Black/Gold - TRAIN HARD. HIT HARDER -  

These iconic black boxing boots with gold accents will not only turn heads at the gym, they’ll keep you in the fight for round after round. These legendary boots are designed to keep their grip on the floor while still allowing for the quick movements in the heat of a bout. Made to give you protection and grip without weighing you down, these boots are sure to become a staple in your fightwear collection.

Lightweight and durable foam mesh upper with abrasion resistance on the toe mean these boots are made to last.

The midsole of the Nike KO boxing boot is constructed with strong, lightweight materials to maximize speed and stability in the ring.

In boxing, solid punch starts with solid footwear. Because of this, we improved the shoe's feel for the floor and traction with reengineered gum rubber soles that are thinner and more sticky.

Nike KO Boxing Boots in gold and black.

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