Nike HyperKO Rio Olympics Edition Boxing Boots

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The Nike HyperKO Rio Olympics Edition shoes were specially designed for boxing and worn by certain boxers during the 2016 RIO Olympic Games.

Very light and made of an aerated material "Aerographics Technology" to let your feet breathe, the Nike HyperKO will offer you the best possible comfort thanks to precise support provided by the "Nike FLywire" technology.

Aerographics technology :
This technology developed by Nike consists in manufacturing a mesh fabric with ventilation zones adapted to refresh specific areas of the foot on the machomai.

Nike Flywire technology :
Flywire technology consists of strong inner filaments that provide excellent support just where your foot needs it. This technology is extremely light, making it possible to create the lightest spikes and boxing shoes available.

The soles of Nike HyperKO are made in "Lunarlite Technology" on the model of the feet of many athletes to gain in lightness. The accentuated arch in the shoe guarantees better support and increased stability. Slightly reinforced at the front and back, the outsole remains flexible and will give you the feeling of a second skin to gain speed.

Lunarlite technology :
Extremely light and ultra-reactive, Nike's new Lunarlite foam draws its inspiration from the first steps of Man on the Moon. Lunarlite foam is 30% lighter than Phylon, Nike's lightest high-performance foam after Lunarlite.
The Nike HyperKO are simply the best pairs of shoes designed for Boxing in order to exploit the best in everyone.

Note that the Nike HyperKO cut slightly small, it is therefore advisable to choose a slightly larger size.


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