Muay Thai Shin Guards

Shin Guards and Pads for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA

What are shin guards used for? Combat sports can get rough. If you want to stay in the game having the right protective gear can make all the difference. Shin guards or shin pads are important for training and competing in a variety of martial arts including Muay Thai, kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. There are several styles of shin guards depending on what you need. While this page features our mens’ shin guards, we also have a fantastic range of women's shin guards and youth shin pads. It's important to know what type of shin guards work best for your martial art when picking out the perfect pair.

Heavy striking martial arts that focus on kicks need especially good shin protection. Kickboxing and Muay Thai shin guards are designed to provide that protection. Shin guards protect both the wearer and their sparring partner. They diffuse incoming impacts and soften strikes which means you can train longer and harder. Muay Thai shin guards are usually strap style and made of leather or synthetic leather. Some shin guards also include instep of top of foot coverage to protect your foot and ankle when kicking.

MMA shin guards tend to be more compact, lighter weight, and flexible. These lightweight shin guards allow for a greater range of movement and a variety of techniques. The drawback is that these shin guards don't provide as much protection. MMA shin pads fit snugly and have a low profile with grappling in mind. They are generally sock type shin guards, where the shin pads are held in place by a cloth sleeve. This sleeve is often made of stretch cotton or neoprene. MMA shin guards usually don't have straps that could get caught while grappling.

Find the Right Shin Guards

Even if you're just looking for kickboxing shin guards to use with a heavy bag a good pair can mean the difference between a good training session and going home in pain. Shin guards are even more important when sparing. Choosing the right shin pads is an act of balancing protection and mobility. Shin guards that provide more protection are usually bulkier and can slow you down. On the other hand, shin pads that are too light weight may not offer the amount of protection you need. Figuring out how you will be using your shin guards can help you decide how much protection you need.

If you're new to training and haven't done much conditioning, choosing more protective shin guards can make training better. You're less likely to get injured and can focus on developing good technique. As you improve you can move towards slimmer styles of shin guard that allow for more speed.

It's also important to make sure you get the right size shin guards. Getting shin guards that are too big can make moving uncomfortable while shin guards that are too small won't have enough coverage. When picking out shin guards consider the length of your shin, how big around your calves are, and how wide the protective pads are. Shin guards should fit tightly without being uncomfortable.

Once you've found the right style and size there are a few quality of life features that can make a good pair of shin guards a great pair of shin guards. If you're buying shin guards made of synthetic materials look for antibacterial material. Some shin guards are also breathable which can make a huge difference if you're training in a hot climate. Small things like quick adjustable straps can also make a huge difference.

Complete Protection from Your Head Guard to Your Shin Guard

Having good protection is an important part of training and competing, and new shin pads can make all the difference. Made4Fighters carries high quality and long lasting equipment from top brands to keep you in the fight. Find shin guards and pads from Venum, Fairtex, Fumetsu, and more. Once you've picked out your shin guards take a look at our MMA gloves, boxing gloves, and point fighting gloves. If you need more protection we also carry head guards, mouth guards, groin guards, foot pads, and body protectors to round out your kit.​