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Muay Thai Gloves

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A quality pair of specialised Muay Thai gloves are essential for those looking to take part in the sport, whether you’ve just signed up for your first classes, looking to train in a home gym, or ready to take on all comers in competitive bouts; our range of gloves for Muay Thai is ideal for your needs. Muay Thai gloves look similar to traditional boxing gloves, developed in the West; however Muay Thai gloves have evolved to optimise speed, agility and flexibility. Our full range of Muay Thai boxing gloves epitomises the explosive demands of the sport, and have been intricately designed to offer advanced protection and durability. Choose from Muay Thai gloves from the biggest names in the world of combat sports, including Hayabusa and Fairtex. Don’t forget that if you’re measuring to find the perfect fit for a pair of Muay Thai gloves, or protective gloves for any combat sport, you should do so wearing wraps when to ensure that your gloves will fit securely and snugly when it comes time to wrap up and compete.

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