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Mouth Guards

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Dental injuries are amongst the most commonly reported in the world of sports, and particularly combat sports. This is one of those cases where the tiny investment into suitable preventative, protective equipment is completely insignificant compared to the costly and lengthy ordeal of treatment. Made4Fighters offers outstanding mouth guards for adults and children, in a large variety of colours and designs to match your personal preferences. If you’re looking for other protective equipment, including MMA guards, gloves, and wraps, head on over to Made4Fighters’ protective equipment department.

Looking after your mouth guard

It's absolutely imperative that you look after your mouth guard, and not to treat it as an afterthought. A thorough cleaning should take place after every use, making sure you’re brushing out debris and bacteria with toothpaste or a specialised rinse, instead of just running water through as this will not effectively sanitise your mouth guard. In addition to maintaining your mouth guard from a hygiene perspective, it’s vital that you can also recognise the signs of wear and tear, so you know when it’s time to throw out and replace your used mouth guard.

Regularly scan your mouth guard for any cracks or rough patches, which could irritate or even break through the skin, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Make sure that you’re also storing your mouth guard in a protective case, which will help prolong the lifespan of your MMA mouth guard