Mooto Extera S6 Uniform White Neck

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The MOOTO Extera S6 uniform is the ‘MUST HAVE’ item for the professional sparring player. Made specifically for the professional sparing athlete who wants optimal athletic performance! The fabric is a Hybrid material available only from Mooto. It is ultra-lightweight, has rapid moisture absorption and stays dry for ultimate athletic performance. The ergonomic design together with the 3D pattern will help to maximise the athlete’s performance.

  • The fabric is gentle on the skin and produces no allergic reactions
  • The 3D pattern minimises the contact with the skin which allows for faster and more comfortable movement
  • Material: Polyester 100%
  • Colour: white uniform with white V neck
  • Size: 170cm, 180cm, 190cm, 200cm
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Official recognition: WTF Recognition


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