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Bring your training gear with you wherever you go! Made4Fighters stocks the toughest men’s duffel bags for top brands available in the UK. These high quality duffel bags are made with durable materials to hold up to the pressures of stashing and traveling with larger training equipment. From small duffel bags for casual gym gear to oversized sports duffel bags for traveling with bulky sports equipment, we have a wide variety of options for your gym and training needs! Available in a range of colors and sizes. 

What is a Sports Duffel Bag Used For?

Duffel bags were originally used by noncommissioned military personnel while traveling with large, bulky loads. The canvas material with drawstring closure at the top of traditional duffel bags allowed for storage of heavy and oddly shaped equipment.

Today, duffel bags are popular for hauling sports equipment for the same reasons. Sports duffel bags are large and tough enough to transport training weapons, sparring pads, boxing gloves, and more without worrying about storage space or wear and tear. 

Small Duffel Bags

The Bolt by Hyperfly is perfect for carrying all your essentials. With a versatile carrying system with foldaway backpack straps and a over the shoulder strap, The Bolt is a classic sports duffel bag. Made with 10oz canvas material with a large zipper for easy opening and closing.

The Hyperfly ProComp 2.0 is one awesome bag. This duffel bag can be converted to a backpack for easy travel. With a dirty laundry sack and main compartment, both areas are completely accessible whether used as backpack when top loaded or also as a duffel bag. The matte black exterior shell with silver reflective logos makes this duffel bag stand apart.

The Century Weapon Bag says it in the name. This small duffel bag is designed to transport martial arts training weapons with front weapon straps, interior compartments for throwing stars, water bottles and shoes, a handy key clip, and a bottom zippered panel that opens for storage of one pair each of the following weapons: sai, tonfas, kamas, and escrima.

Oversized Duffel Bags

The Fairtex BAG2 heavy duty gym bag is the oversized duffel bag of your dreams. Made with  premium grade water-proof nylon, this duffel bag features a large shoe or boxing glove compartment at one end and two mesh pockets at the other for a water bottle or other belongings. Top it off with a headphone socket with secure concealed MP3 player/phone pocket on the inside of the top opening, and you’re ready to take on everything.

The Datsusara Hemp Pro Gear Bag is our largest bag as it was originally designed for Mixed Martial Artists.It has plenty of room to carry gear for your various activities and enough pockets to keep things well organized. Made from hemp canvas which is naturally antimicrobial, breathable, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Duffel Bags with Wheels

The Mooto Super Container is part duffel bag, part suitcase. This extra large wheeled suitcase was designed for use on martial arts tours. Multiple storage spaces make it ideal for carrying a variety of items, including two large storage spaces with packing straps, mesh pockets and end pockets suitable for shoes. Also features durable wheels with a retractable pull handle give your arms and shoulders a break while traveling long distances.

The Datsusara Gear Bag Ultra is made of hemp/organic cotton canvas and designed for the long haul. This heavy duty duffel bag is sized just under oversized limits for check in bags on most airlines, and includes multiple compartments and side pockets. Perfect for traveling a whole team’s worth of gear on tours!

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The No Stink Sports Deodorizer XL is the perfect solution for removing unwanted smells and moisture from luggage, drawers, sports bags, gloves and much more. Toss a No Stink pack into your duffel bag during travel or overnight, and No Stink’s anti-odour fabric will absorb the moisture and bacteria that causes bad smells.

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Haven’t found the perfect sports bag yet? Made4Fighters offers a variety of duffel bags from top martial arts brands like Top Ten, Tatami,Datsusara, and Venum. For even lighter options of sports bags, browse our selection of men’s gym bags.