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Compression Shorts

An introduction to the sport of Vale Tudo

Popular in Brazil, the controversial combat sport known as Vale Tudo, is considered by many to be a ‘pre-cursor to mixed martial arts’, and many aspects found in Vale Tudo are also reflected in the more modern martial arts it would go on to inspire. Its controversy sparks from its combination of existing as a full combat sport with a very limited scope of rules and regulations; particularly those that would protect the fighters. Many promotions refused to continue to support Vale Tudo and in most of the world, it persists only as an underground faction.

Critics want the sport to usher in new regulations which would put the event on a level that is much closer to all of mixed martial arts, whilst fans of Vale Tudo don’t want to sacrifice the unique elements of its presentation, citing its existence as a distinct sport from all other martial arts to be one of its most meritorious attributes. Made4Fighters offers outstanding Vale Tudo compression shorts from key brands Made4Fighters can provide you with the equipment you need to take part in Vale Tudo bouts, our exceptional range of versatile and Vale Tudo specific compression shorts is second to none, and we have available Vale Tudo gear from such names as Bad Boy and Clinch Gear.

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