Kingz The One BJJ Gi Blue



With its sleek design and exceptional construction, The One Kimono, from Kingz, is an excellent choice for practitioners looking for a gi that will withstand the rigors of the mat like top-priced kimonos, but without breaking the bank.

The One kimono features a 400 GSM High-Tech Pearl Weave jacket, made from a single piece of fabric, and with ample reinforcements in all the major stress points. The lapel is made from a single piece of synthetic heat resistant vulcanized rubber, which keeps the gi light, allows for faster drying, and keeps your lapel fungus and bacteria free. Simple high density embroideries on each arm with the iconic Kingz crown on the back of the neck, as well as The One logo on the front of the skirt. Both durable and extremely comfortable, the pants are made of 100% 10 oz cotton, with Kingz crown on the right thigh and The One logo on the left shin. The interior seams, which are most vulnerable and susceptible to fraying, are reinforced by soft cotton taping. The One kimono delivers a remarkable level of comfort and quality, and is excellent for day-to-day training at any experience level.

  • The jacket has triple reinforced stitching across all stress points
  • Soft cotton seam taping to reinforce interior seams
  • 95% preshrunk (expect the slightest bit of shrink)
  • Double reinforced knee padding on the pants
  • Cord drawstring with 6 loops
  • 100% IBJJF Legal


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