Kingz Balistico 3.0 Ladies BJJ Gi

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Kingz BJJ Gi Ladies Balistico 3.0 is the latest version of one of Kingz most popular Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kimonos.

Balistico 3.0 has an updated design than previously versions. The Balistico is durable kimono. The jacket is made of 480 gsm (gram per square meter) pearl weave, The pants are made of 8 oz ripstop material (a blend of cotton and polyester). The gi also has reinforced seams at critical points as well as extra reinforcement at the knees for added durability. Rubberized collar to prevent sweat and bacteria absorbing into the fabric. The jacket has No-Grip sleeve technology, an added layer of ripstop material on the inside of the sleeve to make it harder to grip. Patented Coolmax® linings inside the shoulders and side vents. Belt is sold separately. Kingz Balistico has a different cut compared to Kingz The One, Nano, Comp 450 and Classic.

– Jacket 480 gsm pearl weave.
– Pants 8 oz ripstop material.
– No-Grip sleeve technology.