Head Guards

Kids Head Guards for Boxing and Sparring

Shop the UK's premier store for MMA clothing, equipment and gear! Made4Fighters offers the best quality kids head guards for Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, MMA and more. Designed for both boys and girls to take into the ring, these sparring helmets are made from durable, shock absorbent material to reduce the impact of hits to the head. Browse our store above for quality options for children’s head guards.

Top Brands of Junior Head Guards

Shop from the best known brands for quality kids boxing head guards, including Top Ten, Century, Mooto, and Macho.

The Top Ten Avantgarde line of head guards for youth fighters are made of Bayflex®, the future in shock-absorbant padding technology. Avantegarde head guards feature a rounded contour around the eyes in order to further prevent eye cuts and extra padding on the forehead to provide even more protection against frontal attacks. Available in multiple colours and sizes depending on your preference, these junior head guards are perfect for your future champion.

The Top Ten Fight series of youth head guards are specifically designed to be high performance head guards for sparring in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and combat sports. The helmets are also made of Bayflex® and provide extra padding for children’s foreheads, ears, and chins.

The Century Sparring Head Guard is the classic headgear for kids. Made tough for martial artists in training, these helmets feature thick dipped foam and a carved out area of padding for ears. The Sparring Head Guard also has an elastic strap with hook-and-loop closure to ensure a secure fit

The Century C-Gear series of kids head guards was specifically designed for use in high-level sport karate competitions. Unlike the other products featured here, C-Gear head guards are made for machine washers and dryers.

The MTX S2 head guard from Mooto offers great protection for basic training or competition. Certified by the World TaeKwonDo Federation, these head guards are perfect for a variety of sparring and mixed martial arts sports.

The Macho Dyna series is Macho’s most popular sparring gear and is the industry standard for protective headgear for all ages. These extra-thick foam head guards feature ear-release canals for added protection to eardrums during sparring. Accessories such as the Dyna Face Shield can be added to the head guards as well. The Macho ATA Dyna is a special edition version of the Dyna headgear in collaboration with the American Taekwondo Association (ATA).

The Macho Warrior head guard for boys and girls is designed for safety first. These high quality protective head guards feature a double overlay foam construction over the ears and forehead to give you peace of mind during sparring sessions.

Shop Head Guard Accessories

Sometimes, you need a little something extra! Made4Fighters offers accessories to go with your kids head guards. Top Ten offers backup velcro chin straps that are compatible with the Fight, Avantguarde, Full Protection, and MMA lines of protective gear. Make sure to include a No Stink Sports Deodorizer XL to remove unwanted odours from your luggage, sports bags, closet and more.