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Here at Made4Fighters we have dedicated our time & product availability to encourage budding young martial artists & sports people. Training within any martial arts discipline not only teaches irreplaceable self defence skills, but it also encourages & improves fitness, healthy eating, physical & mental health, confidence and overall healthy living, which is vital to any child's upbringing. 

If you're shopping for children's exercise equipment UKs best selection can be found at Made4Fighters. You've come to the right place to find all of the kids gym equipment you need to encourage this practice yourself. Browse our extensive range of punch bags, pads, shields & training weapons all suitable for children. But of course, with fun comes learning so you'll also find a range of skipping ropes, sports dice, agility spots and much more

These kids fitness equipment products are fantastic props of inspiration for P.E, fitness or dance classes, football/rugby training and of course training their punches, kicks & routines in their favourite Martial Arts class. Use your imagination alongside the great product range & unbeatable prices at Made4Fighters to train our next generation of artists.

If you're feeling overwhelmed at the selection of kids equipment, you can always browse our Kids Best Sellers page to see what's popular. 


Children's Gym Equipment - Safety First 

Our children's exercise equipment is crafted from durable, high-quality materials so you can trust that our juniors equipment will last for years of training. Whether your child is interested in boxing, martial arts, wrestling, or you're simply looking for fun ways to burn extra energy and keep them healthy, our kids gym equipment is also specially sized and designed with your child's safety in mind.


Hand Targets, Agility Markers and More for Your Students 

If you own a gym, training centre or dojo, providing your junior students with the best quality kids fitness equipment is important for parents and students alike. We offer excellent pricing on everything you need to outfit your business - from children's punching bags, to hand targets, agility markers and more - so your students will stay engaged and focused for each training session.