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Shop the UK's premier store for kids martial arts equipment. Here is our selection of the best selling kids martial arts gear. So whether you’re searching for boxing gloves, head guards, shin guards, or BJJ belts these are the most popular products with our customers.


Kids Martial Arts equipment, clothing & protection covers all combat sports from boxing, to kickboxing right through to mma. They are designed specifically for optimal protection, comfort and durability, and to facilitate kids learning and developing as they progress in their martial arts training.


Martial arts for children offers key benefits that serve them throughout their lives, including:


  • Sense of Self-confidence

  • Higher level of Physical fitness

  • Improved ability to focus

  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Ensure they start off their training right, in apparel and gear that will keep them performing at their best. We offer high-quality, durable kids martial arts apparel - including karate uniforms, clothing, belts, BJJ shorts, rashguards and more for boys and girls.

We understand the safety of your child while training is of paramount importance to you, so we stock acomplete collection of martial arts protective gear for kids - including head guards, hand wraps, kids boxing gloves, mouthguards and anything else they'll need to have a safe practice.