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Hyperfly The Kimono BJJ Gi

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Hyperfly introduces The Kimono, blending traditional Japanese Kimono craftsmanship with Jiu Jitsu Gi culture, creating a Jiu Jitsu combat ready Kimono that can be worn on and off the mats. The weave is a special made twill fabric, giving it a soft & heavy feel.

Carefully designed down to every detail, this kimono is a first of its kind. Expressing a simple design at first glance, this piece is far from simple - using timeless shapes like the flower of life to create designs that never go out of style.

  • Jacket is 14oz twill in a traditional kimono pattern
  • Classic YCTH print inside the jacket
  • Pants are 10oz twill with a flat cord drawstring and 6 belt loops
  • Material - 450gsm Cotton
  • Flower of Life pattern embroidered on both elbows and knees
  • Japanese Knot bag included
  • Available in sizes A0-A4 with L sizes available