Hayashi Kumite WKF Approved Karate Gi Kids

£40.99 - £42.99
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The Hayashi Kumite WKF Karate gi is a light and smooth karate suit from Hayashi. Made from a moisture-conducting cotton blend, this Karate Gi promises to be one of the most comfortable you'll own. The fabric absorbs the moisture from the skin and quickly releases it to the ambient air. As well as ensuring a comfortable wear the functional mix of materials makes the karate suit easy to care for and lets it dry in no time. With its soft brushed inside, the Gi increases the feel-good factor and does not let sensitive skin types down.
The classic cut and fit promise a unique fit and, due to the low weight the Hayashi Kumite provides you with the freedom to perform movements and techniques fluently. And, on top of all of these features it's WKF approved!

  • Mixed fabrics
  • Light, soft structure
  • Classic cut
  • Pants with lacing + elastic waistband
  • WKF Approved


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