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Hammer Ultra Multi Gym

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HAMMER Multi Gym Ultra
Features of the HAMMER Multi-Gym Ultra

  • Various training options for a comprehensive full-body workout
  • 3-step adjustable comfort backrest to ensure full range of motion for rowing
  • Adjustable pressure unit for rowing and bench pressing
  • Weight blocks with extra large adjustment holes for quick changes
  • Small compact Multi-Gym

Our promise: A comprehensive full-body workout with a highly compact multi-gym (dimensions: 167 x 105 x 200 cm) to get you in top shape! The new HAMMER Multi-Gym Ultra keeps our promise with ease by virtue of it’s space-saving characteristics and great variety of effective exercise and training options.

Virtually unlimited training options

  • For a strong and healthy back: Lat pull, rowing
  • For a broad, well-muscled and defined chest: Bench press and butterfly
  • For powerful , well-muscled legs: Leg raise, standing leg raise
  • For strong and defined arms: Curls on the cable-pull, triceps press on the cable-pull
  • For impressively broad shoulders: Frontal lifting on the cable-pull

Ultra is variously adjustable
The 2-step adjustment of the pressure unit trains your chest (pressure unit further forward) or your back (pressure unit further back) effectively. That is why it offers such training variety of training, which will significantly improve your muscle building and fat reduction results.
The very comfortable backrest has a 3-step adjustment downwards towards the footrest. When the backrest is lowered down completely, you have the greatest possible movement radius for rowing for better training results in your back and biceps areas.

The large adjustment holes will help making your drop sets more effective
The low-noise weight plates come with large adjustment holes for quicker weight changes. You will really come to appreciate the large holes when you are doing drop sets. The pin can be placed on a new level in seconds. Workouts that end in drop sets will stimulate your muscles right to the end of your training sessions and guarantee faster muscle building results. And you have the added advantage of pushing your body to new performance heights.

Ultra robust and stylish!
Ultra’s solid steel tube structure ensures that you will have a reliable fitness partner for years to come. Your movements are guided appropriately and your Multi-Gym is virtually noiseless in operation. Nothing will disturb your concentration and your training results are maximised.
By the way: Ultra is a pretty awesome looking piece of kit as well. The black base colour looks classy and will without a doubt upgrade the look of your fitness room.

The bottom line:
You can now train every single muscle group in your body – you don’t need much space for your Multi-Gym and you can forget about travelling to the fitness studio, because you have everything you need at home!

General overview of the product characteristics HAMMER Multi-Gym Ultra Technology

  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 123,5 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg
  • Weight block: 60 kg
  • Assembled dimensions (L/W/H): 167 x 105 x 200 cm
  • Space requirements (L/W/H): 217 x 105 x 200 cm

Comfort features:

  • Comfort padding for extended, fun training sessions
  • Backrest with 3-step adjustment
  • Handles with 2-step adjustment for rowing and bench pressing


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