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Hammer Speed Motion BT Elliptical Cross Trainer

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HAMMER Cross Trainer Speed-Motion BT
Health-orientated watt-based training with the HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Speed-Motion BT

The HAMMER Speed-Motion BT enables pulse-controlled and watt-controlled workouts to guarantee healthy cardiovascular training. You stay in control and know exactly whether your training is both effective and healthy. Performance measurement is speed-independent from 10–350 watts (at 60 RPM) and speed-dependent up to 400 watts (at 80 RPM). The Speed-Motion BT independently controls resistance, so the machine responds instantly to individual step resistance in order to maintain the wattage – simply ingenious!

Easy-to-use computer with an extensive range of programs and iConsole+ app

12 uphill and downhill programs, 4 heart programs, 4 user programs, a manual program, a watt program and body fat measurement show just how extensive the scope of the training computer is.

It is also convincingly easy to operate with a “push and turn” dial. Push-turn-start! It couldn’t be easier!

Compatibility with the iConsole+ app makes it easy to connect your own smartphone or tablet PC to the Speed-Motion BT. This transforms your tablet PC or smartphone into a training computer and gives you a completely new menu navigation that you can use as an alternative.

Heart programs for cardiovascular training

The 4 heart programs leave no room for doubt that the HAMMER Speed-Motion BT is all about health. With the option of setting an upper pulse limit, the elliptical cross trainer makes healthy cardiovascular training possible. A warning signal sounds when you reach the upper pulse limit to ensure that you are always training in your preset area, guaranteeing healthy cardio training.

High-quality and modern built-in technology

The 12 kg flywheel mass and built-in, high-quality ball bearings enable fluid and quiet movement. It hardly makes a sound, so it is even suitable for late-night use in shared accommodation.

Health-orientated cardio training with the HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Speed-Motion BT

Train on the HAMMER elliptical trainer Speed-Motion BT for a highly effective and healthy full-body workout that has several advantages, such as:

Very high calorie burn rate with resulting weight loss
Improved stamina, which makes everyday life easier and more enjoyable
Health-orientated cardiovascular training
Reduced blood pressure
Bottom line

An extremely easy to use training computer with an extensive selection of programs, as well as watt control and heart programs for health-orientated training make the HAMMER elliptical cross trainer Speed-Motion BT an impressive endurance machine that will be more than beneficial to your health.

Most important product information:

  • Wear-free, electronic magnetic braking system with approx. 12 kg flywheel mass for high dynamics
  • Performance in watts: 10–350 watts (speed-independent at 60 RPM)
  • Up to 400 watts (speed-dependent at 80 RPM)
  • Class HA elliptical trainer in accordance with DIN EN 957-1/9
  • Training computer can be controlled by smartphone or tablet PC with the iConsole+ app
  • Whole-body workout with a choice of fixed or moving handlebars
  • 4 health-orientated heart programs
  • 12 uphill and downhill programs suitable for anyone, from beginners to athletes
  • Body fat measurement with info about body fat in % (BMR) and BMI
  • 4 user programs for individual training for the whole family
  • Individually adjustable resistance using buttons (manual mode)
  • Clear LCD colour display with blue backlight
  • Hand pulse sensors on the handlebars for pulse monitoring
  • Integrated pulse receiver for the Polar T34 chest strap and the FINNLO chest strap (optional)
  • Dynamic, modern, unmistakable design with rounded accents
  • Super-silent belt drive and high-quality ball bearings for low-noise training (suitable for shared accommodation)
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Footplate distance: 14 cm
  • Step length: 43 cm
  • Colour: silver/anthracite/red
  • Weight: 53.5 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg
  • Built-up size (L/W/H): 163 x 53 x 164 cm
2 Years