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Hammer Ocean One Rowing Machine

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HAMMER Ocean One

Sport rowing with hydropower technology. Quiet and extremely effective.

Rowing training with realistic water resistance

Get your body in shape with hydropower!

Bad weather outside and no training possible ?! From now on, you simply train at home with a realistic water resistance and get yourself into a healthy movement. The rushing of the water automatically brings you into the right training mood. Your rowing experience is supported by multimedia and your tablet or smartphone sits perfectly in the movable and individually adjustable holder, which is already included with the Ocean One. The ergo seat of your Ocean One with its eight ball-bearing castors glides quietly and evenly over the aluminum rails. You sit sporty, at the same time gentle on the back and comfortable. Even long training sequences are no problem thanks to the ergonomically shaped upholstery of the seat. Feel the power of the water with every row and get closer to your fitness goals!

Healthy whole body training

With smooth rudder movements

When rowing, legs and upper body are trained at the same time, which promotes the effective improvement of your fitness and endurance. Experience varied training sessions at home with the HAMMER Ocean One and be ready for an effective workout in which you train strength and endurance at the same time. The comfortable seat rolls smoothly and evenly over the aluminum guide rails as you get closer to your fitness goal step by step. Rowing is also perfect for quickly relieving stress after work! Your mood is positively influenced by the sound of the water. The rowing train sets the water in motion and has a calming and relaxing effect at the same time, that lets you quickly forget everyday stress. You will now feel a pleasant steadiness and calm in your home due to the water noises, which you can only feel when rowing on a lake!

Fitness test included!
Recovery pulse measurement with fitness grade
Fitness test included! Recovery pulse measurement with a fitness note You can measure your pulse with the help of the recovery button on the computer. A pulse receiver is already integrated in the training computer. The optional chest strap shows you your heart rate while rowing. The faster your pulse drops, the fitter you are. This is shown on the computer of the Ocean One with a fitness grade of 1 to 6. A good grade inspires you even more, motivates and makes you even better at the next rowing training.



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