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Endless fitness fun!

Combine jumping fitness with step aerobics

Does a standard trampoline just not offer enough of a challenge and get boring over time? We've got something completely new and unique for you: The innovative JumpStep fitness trampoline with added step board! Forget boring trampoline workouts! JumpStep is the world's first trampoline for home and studio use with an innovative jump step. In addition to the traditional trampoline, JumpStep comes with a flexible and joint-friendly step board featuring a non-slip surface – adding a whole new range of workout options to your trampoline training. Virtually endless options for jump combinations add a mega fun factor to high-intensity cardio workouts. JumpStep doesn't just burn more calories – the integrated step board challenges and strengthens your glutes and leg muscles much more than a traditional fitness trampoline ever could. The perfect combination of cardio training and body toning!

Intensive workout for glutes and leg muscles

Effective muscle definition

When training with JumpStep, the step board specifically targets and trains your glutes and leg muscles – the same way a step aerobics session would. In effect, you'll melt away those excess pounds in intense cardio sessions, while at the same time toning your whole body with muscle building. Perfect for body shaping!

Build strength!

Your JumpStep still has a lot more to offer when it comes to strength training. Use the various elements of the JumpStep like the jumping mat or the grip handles on the step board after your jumping workout to add some power exercises using your own body weight. Planks, push-ups, dips or mountain climbers – make the most of your JumpStep and push yourself to the limit!

Limitless workout options

JumpStep offers a virtually endless number of step and jump combinations!

The innovative, integrated step board on your JumpStep trampoline allows you to create much more and varied jump choreographies than a traditional trampoline. You work your way through intense yet joint-friendly training sessions that are much more fun and varied than you could ever imagine and never feel strenuous or like a chore. Guaranteed variety for a stimulating and motivating jump and step workout experience!


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