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Hammer Fitness Rower Cobra XTR plus II Rowing Machine

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Hammer Fitness Rower Cobra XTR plus II Rowing Machine

Full-body training

No other endurance sport can compete with rowing, and nothing else uses so many different muscle groups in your body. You can now bring this popular water sport into your own four walls with the COBRA XTR II Plus rowing machine and experience the feeling of intensive rowing at home. With this rowing machine, you can train numerous large muscles with a single rowing movement. This will improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your back muscles incredibly effectively.

Create a multimedia rowing experience: your tablet or smartphone fits perfectly in the holder of this modern training computer. The padded ergonomic seat of your COBRA XTR II Plus glides quietly and smoothly over the premium aluminium rail. The seating position is athletic and back-friendly. Even long workouts are super comfortable, thanks to the ergonomically shaped seat cushion. Your body will get fitter with every training session and you will be amazed by how toned your muscles look. Row towards your dream body and turn heads with a great physique!

Train all your muscles at the same time

Who doesn’t want to train their whole body at once with just one piece of equipment?

During rowing, your legs and upper body are trained simultaneously. You also effectively increase your fitness and endurance. Experience a low-impact strength and endurance workout: the perfect stress relief after a hard eight-hour working day. Each rowing stroke brings you closer to your dream body as you experience a relaxing rowing session with your COBRA XTR II Plus.

Your COBRA XTR II Plus rowing machine is equipped with a slim, user-friendly computer that helps you to constantly improve. You have so many options, and you can view a wide range of training data on an easy-to-read LCD display. The following information is displayed: Training time, all rowing strokes on the training unit, training distance, calorie consumption, difficulty level and pulse. Increase your motivation with the 10 training programs such as “Fat burn" and "Cardio”, or the four heart programs and five individual user programs.

Time is of the essence, because your training time is precious. You can adjust the height of the computer. It can be tilted forward and backward. With the five soft-touch quick selection keys on the computer, you can select your training program and get started!


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