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HAMMER Indoor Cycle / Speedbike Racer

A heavy dose of high-speed training

Pedal away with this value-for-money performer and control your speed with the innovative magnetic brake. Training with the Speedbike Racer will strengthen your calf and thigh muscles while you burn plenty of calories. Each speed training will make your cardiovascular system stronger. Indoor cycling also offers a great workout for your lower torso muscles, which includes dorsal and lateral abdominal muscles. Their performance is heightened even more when you speed-pedal while standing. Get some extra motivation with your favourite tunes and give it your all! The Speedbike Racer will drive to your personal best performance and will have you ready for the next cycling season working out at home – whatever the weather.

Unbeatable quality: Whisper-quiet magnetic braking system

The Racer comes with the best magnetic braking system on the market today. Unlike traditional felt braking systems, the magnetic braking system used in Speedbikes runs completely silently and is maintenance-free. Training resistance is controlled by the distance between the magnets and the flywheel. The smaller the distance, the higher the resistance and the more intense will your workout be. This type of resistance control is entirely contactless, and therefore wear-free and completely silent.

Progressive resistance

The resistance dial is located within easy reach on the main frame for manual adjustment of the progressive resistance setting. Set the resistance as high or as low as you need. And if you ever get carried away and start going to fast, simply press the red rotary knob to initiate an emergency stop using the maintenance-free magnetic braking system to slow down the flywheel.

Your personal speed cockpit

The computer display shows you: time and distance travelled, calories burned, pulse rate, rpm and speed. The SCAN display offers all the information you need with all function values displayed in five-second intervals on rotation. The Auto ON/OFF function lets you start your training immediately, as soon as you start pedalling and all values start counting up from zero until you finish your speed training session. Also super practical: you can configure preset values for distance or fat burn goals. The preset values automatically count down and a signal will sound once you reach zero. You will need two AA (Mignon) batteries to power the computer functions, which are very easy to access via two push-buttons.

Heart rate under control

Make sure to keep an eye on your heart rate while you train and stay within the prescribed pulse range during intense cycling sessions. The training computer offers a heart rate program to do exactly that. Set an upper heart rate limit for optimal safety: a warning signal will sound if your heart rate increases above the set limit. The computer is additionally equipped with a chip for wireless heart rate transmission in conjunction with an optional chest belt.

Always well-hydrated

Drinking is important! You can make sure that you remain properly hydrated during hard workout sessions because the two bottle holders will fit any commercial sports bottle type.



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