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Hammer Fitness CT3 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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HAMMER Cross Trainer Ellyptech CT3

Your stepping stone into the world of fitness. Compact, with minimal space requirements – your new cross trainer.

Manual load control

Set the resistance you want with eight load control settings to choose from. Simply turn the knob with one hand to choose the right setting.

Recovery pulse measurement

Do your fitness test and measure your pulse rate right after you finish your training session. Press the Recovery button and grip the pulse sensors with both hands. You will get a fitness grade between one and six that is displayed on the screen. The training computer rates your physical recovery capabilities with that grade. You will improve with every workout – and that is super motivating!

Training in the right pulse range

Effective training depends on the pulse rate, which should be monitored at all times. You can display your current pulse rate on the screen of your training computer and can even configure a maximum pulse rate. A warning signal will sound if your set limit is surpassed. It really couldn't be easier: your heart rate and pulse frequency is measured via the oval-shaped hand pulse sensors on the handlebars. All you have to do is grip the handles.

Robust and powerful

The Ellyptech CT3 is driven by a low-maintenance grooved belt system. The design also includes a permanent magnet braking system for precise load control. The braking system basically counteracts the drive system, which regulates training intensity. Load control depends on the rotational speed and occurs in multiple increments.

A high-quality ball bearing and a 12 kg flywheel guarantee outstanding training comfort and superbly smooth running. You can change your training position by changing your grip position on the handles to make your workout even more comfortable. Changing your grip position will put more strain on the leg muscles and glutes and will make your workout even more effective.

Full-body training results

Cross trainers are among the most effective full-body workout machines. Up to 90% of your large muscle groups are used intensively during the workout. A great way for you to get rid of unwanted fat deposits and getting your body back into shape. Cross trainers are a permanent fixture in all fitness studios. From now on, you can do all your workouts at home with your very own Ellyptech CT3. You can look forward to high-intensity training sessions that will allow you to achieve the following fitness goals with your Ellyptech CT3:

  • Endurance improvement
  • Strengthening all main muscle groups
  • Burning unwanted pounds
  • Reduced blood pressure and lower resting heart rate

The training computer featuring the push and turn button for the quick selection of individual values offers a clear and concise display of the training data. There is also an integrated tablet holder for your mobile device and the easily legible LCD display will keep you well-informed at all times. The following training data is shown on the display: speed, step frequency, training time, distance travelled, calories burned, pulse and user. You can also set yourself specific training goals to push yourself further.

Another nifty feature: quick-selection buttons with inscription make operating the computer even easier and allow you to access functions directly. Pushing the "Body Fat" button, for example, will show you your BMI and body fat ratio as a percentage value within a few seconds.

All you need is two AA batteries to power the computer functions. In effect, you are completely independent of wall sockets or clumsy extension leads.

Entertainment and diversion

Modern fitness apps like Kinomap and BitGym (with camera function) let you experience live routes during your cross-training. Or you could use your tablet to listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite shows while working out. Simply place your tablet PC or smartphone on the integrated holder and get started with your multimedia-supported training.

A perfect fit

The ergonomics of the cross trainer Ellyptech CT3 are designed for people of any body height between 1.55 m and 2 m. The hand grips of the Ellyptech CT3 allow a variety of grip positions for short and long arms. In terms of body weight, your starter cross trainer can handle up to 100 kg with ease.

Your steadfast training companion

The four-point support system and integrated levelling option on the rear base ensure complete stability and security on uneven floors. No matter how hard you train – you can always rely on your Ellyptech CT3. And when you're done training for the day, the two integrated transport rollers on the front base will allow you to easily tilt the machine forward and stow it away.

2 Years