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Hammer Fitness Core Wheel

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HAMMER Core Wheels
Highly effective and dynamic training for home and away

HAMMER Core Wheels impressively and effectively train the whole body, delivering fantastic results for muscle building, strength building and fat burning.

Using the Core Wheels makes exercises, such as classic press-ups, much more demanding and, at the same time, much more effective. Your shoulders and arms hold your position while you do the exercises. This results in a more effective workout where the muscles work harder than during conventional press-ups. You will feel and appreciate the benefits of using the Core Wheels after just a first few repetitions.

The range of exercises that can be done with Core Wheels covers virtually all of the muscle groups in the body. High-intensity abdominal training and demanding shoulder and chest workouts are all equally possible.

Its light net weight means that the exercises that are possible with Core Wheels can be done anywhere. You can now enjoy your compact personal gym anywhere, on holiday, in the office or at home.

HAMMER Core Wheels set new standards for the best possible effect with the smallest space requirements. High-intensity strength training whenever and wherever you are!

  • Highly effective strength training for a more muscular, leaner body
  • The wide variety of exercises involves nearly all muscle groups
  • Varied training that is always motivational
  • Light net weight for easy transport and mobile training
  • Ergonomic handles for a firm grip
  • Modern design


2 Years


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