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Hammer Ferrum TX4 Multi Gym

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HAMMER Multi Gym Ferrum TX4

The HAMMER strength-training station Ferrum TX4 – quick workout results thanks to professional equipment details: Cable pull module, leg press and power lat bar for over 50 exercise options.

Includes back trainer to build up and strengthen your back muscles

The Ferrum TX4 from HAMMER is an effective and compact "strength-turbo" which you can employ to intensely work all the important muscle groups.
You can achieve the following goals with the HAMMER Ferrum TX4:

  • Men: broad, muscular chest
  • Women: tightening of the chest
  • Men: broad, muscular V-shape
  • Women: strong back
  • Men: strong, defined shoulders
  • Women: toned shoulders
  • Men: muscular upper arms
  • Women: toning/definition of the arms
  • Well-trained muscular legs
  • Women: toning/definition of the legs
  • Flat six-pack and defined ab muscles
  • Strong, stable back muscles

Effective strength-training for exercises that target your legs, calves and back
A combined and ergonomic butterfly bench press unit helps you build up a broad, muscular chest, and the strength-training station TX4 has a latissimus pulley and a rowing pulley to work your back. A 10x adjustable back trainer is included in the delivery, which helps you strengthen your back muscles in a targeted manner. You can easily develop impressive arm muscles (biceps and triceps) with the curling station - the height of which can be adjusted - a curling bar, and a triceps pulley. In addition to the leg curl unit, the professional leg press with extra-large metal foot plate and ergonomic sequence of motion ensures effective leg muscle build-up. You can effectively work your front thigh, back leg muscles and calves with the HAMMER TX4.
HAMMER strength-training station Ferrum TX4 – Cable pull module
A 160° rotatable, height-adjustable roller system ensures maximum movement, free exercises, and core training. Work your chest, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks just like in a professional fitness studio. A particular highlight is the Power SZ rod included in the scope of delivery, which effectively works specific muscle groups.




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