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Gum Shields

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When it comes to boxing, or any other striking sport; if you’re looking to lace up for some training & sparring, or getting ready to go the distance in competition, it’s absolutely critical that you’re properly protected from the very real risk of injury.

Boxing injuries, unsurprisingly, commonly include damage done to the mouth, teeth and jaw, and there’s a world of hurt awaiting any boxer not wearing essential protective gear such as a durable boxing gum shield, also sometimes called a mouth guard. Wearing a quality boxing gum shield can help prevent dental injuries, mouth lacerations, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) and lessen the chance of suffering a concussion.

Protective gear for boxing from Venum, Shock Doctor and Under Armour

Here with us at Made4Fighters, we have available a wide range of hand-picked gum shields and mouth guards engineered with fighters in mind and tested to the strictest industry safety standards. We can guarantee that our gum shields and mouth guards will help drastically reduce the chances of serious injury if you do happen to catch a glancing blow, or accidentally clash heads with an opponent. Engineered by the top dogs in the industry, boxing gum shields from the likes of Venum and Shock Doctor are designed to offer you a custom fit, and feature ‘high-density foam’ capable of absorbing shock, giving you much-needed protection.

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