Grips Athletics Arte Suave BJJ Gi White

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Arte Suave, which means “Gentle Art” in Portuguese, is the direct translation of “Jiu-Jitsu.” It was translated so that the true
meaning and culture of the art is not lost and is easily understood.
This limited edition gi is made in collaboration with the coolest tattoo artists.
The traditional BJJ designs bring to life the ethos of a more playful and relaxed culture focused on art and technique rather
than striking and punching.
Tattoos are inked permanent, and we believe the best way to honor the principles and virtues you uphold is by wearing it
proudly on display.

The Gr1ps Arte Suave Limited Edition Kimono is made
for your most important needs comfort and durability. The
breathable inner mesh padding on the shoulders keep you
dry while the elastic pants drawstring allows for a more secure
and comfortable fit.

The main kimono fabric is 100% cotton, and uses triple
stitching technology with reinforced bartacks stitching to give
your kimono the endurance and comfort to last a really long

Gi Jacket:
• 100% Cotton Pearl Weave
• Triple stitching, reinforced slits
• Steamed and pre-washed for a more tailored fit
• Shoulder padding with mesh fabric
• Extra thick lapels
Gi Pants:
• 100% CVC Ripstop
• Steamed and pre-washed for a more tailored fit
• Knee padding with mesh fabric
• Triple stitching, reinforced slits and bartacks in key areas
• Elastic padded drawstrings