Gameness Elite BJJ Gi

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Gameness designers worked closely with professional athletes to ensure every detail was considered in creating our Elite Gi.

What makes the Gameness Elite unique is the built-in rashguard liner that feels great when rolling, but looks amazing. On closer inspection of the liner and you will see the grappling-inspired graphics. Gameness was the first to introduce the built-in rashguard liner in a Gi and has perfected the process.

The Elite Gi Jacket features:

  • A seamless 550 gram Pearl Weave Jacket
  • A built-in rashguard liner that gives you the most comfortable roll you have ever had
  • The high stitch count embroidery gives all the graphics the highest quality look
  • Beautiful contrast accents

The pants are made from a military grade rip stop fabric and include:

  • A technical rope draw cord with the right amount of stretch to keep the pants secure
  • Reinforced knees which make them feel great and last longer
  • A 6 loop system for the drawstring that keeps the pants in place while rolling
  • The 12oz cotton-poly blend fabric is lighter and stronger than other Gi pant fabrics

Available in sizes A0 to A5. Available colours are White, Blue, and Black. Belt sold separately.