Fun & Games

With fun comes learning. When a child is fully engaged in the activity in hand and enjoying it too, they will take much more from the experience and increase the possibility of carrying the skills learned through to the next time they train. Here you can find a fantastic selection of props & equipment that are made & designed especially for children so that you can encourage this practice.

Equipment for Martial Arts Schools, P.E Classes or Fitness Sessions

At unbeatable prices, you can browse our range of kids punch bags, grappling buddies, kick shields & nunchakus. Or perhaps you're looking to extend your range of teaching props with agility markers, skipping ropes or sport timers. And let's not forget fun accessories such as boxing glove key rings or patches.

What Do Our Customers Recommend?

Our Martial Arts School Instructors love our Century BOB Junior & Century Grappling Buddy. They are the perfect size to effectively train drills & patterns & they are incredibly durable too! Whilst the P.E teachers & Dance Instructors love our great range of agility markers!