Finnlo Neoprene 2kg Dumbbells - Pair

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FINNLO by HAMMER Dumbbell and Weight 2x 2 kg (neoprene)
FINNLO’s grey neoprene dumbbells weigh 2 kg and are ideal for loads of dumbbell workouts. They can be used to target areas such as your arms, shoulders and back for defined and tightened muscles. For maximum comfort, the cast iron dumbbells are coated with a 2 mm neoprene coating. Because neoprene is very easy on the skin and provides optimal grip even after long training units, FINNLO’s 2 kg neoprene dumbbells are sure to stay firmly in your hands.

Ergonomic dumbbells for a wide range of fitness exercises
2 mm neoprene coating for maximum comfort and a secure grip
Weight: 2x 2 kg
Color: Grey

2 Years