Finnlo Multi-Lat Tower Multi Gym

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Multi-Lat-Tower

FINNLO’S MULTI LAT-TOWER is ideal for comprehensive upper body training at home and fits into the corner of any room. It lets you do lat pull downs and loads of cable-pulling exercises for strong arms, shoulders and core. You can also work your biceps and triceps on this FINNLO station. Use your own dumbbell plates to load up to 120 kg on the MULTI LAT-TOWER. Simply grab onto the bars and go for it.

For optimal ergonomics, the station comes with a height-adjustable seat and cross beams for added stability. In addition, the MULTI LAT-TOWER’s ball bearing rollers provide smooth operation, ensuring safe and effective strength training in your own home.

  • Maximum of usable weight 120 kg
  • Seat adjustable yes
  • Multiple adjustable back rest no
  • Bench press no
  • Butterfly no
  • Neck press no
  • Back pull no
  • Rowing yes
  • Lat pull yes
  • Biceps curl yes
  • Triceps yes
  • eversed leg raises no
  • Leg curl no
  • Leg raise no
  • Abdominal pull no
  • Leg press no
  • Sidewise tensile no
  • Training possibilities Lat pull
  • arm curl
  • rowing
  • Weight 37 kg
  • Color anthracite/black
  • Max. body weight 120 kg
  • Build up size (L x W x H) 141 x 120 x 210 cm
  • Ceiling height 210 cm



3 Years


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