Finnlo Maximum Speed Bike Pro Exercise Bike

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Speed bikes allow intensive exercise at home like on a racing bike or mountain bike. Even with shorter training sessions, you can burn lots of calories and effectively strengthen the entire leg and butt musculature. With perfect training ergonomy, the FINNLO Speed Bike PRO will help you reach new best performance stats:

Improves endurance
Strengthens and tones legs
Reduces fat reserves
Lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate
FINNLO Speedbike PRO – maximum riding fun at home
Training on the FINNLO Speedbike PRO pays off quickly thanks to the ergonomic construction and user-friendly features. The special handlebar design and comfortable Selle Royal saddle provides premium comfort even with long exercise sessions. The handlebars can be adjusted to 13 horizontal and 14 vertical positions. Together with the flexible saddle construction (13 horizontal and 23 vertical positions), it offers you exceptional comfort. As with professional speed bikes, the FINNLO PRO includes a fixed barrel and a 25 kg flywheel.

Modern drive system and robust construction
The Speedbike Pro is driven with a quiet and low-maintenance belt drive. The pedals with two industrial pedals has been reinforced, allowing it to stand up over the long-term even under extreme pressure. Further, the pedal system features an extra-hardened inner axle and SPD system. The brakes, drive system and flywheel are protected against moisture with a practical sweat guard. This gives the Speedbike Pro stability and robustness.
Overview of additional product details:

Seamless handlebar positioning (14 vertical and 13 horizontal positions)
Special handlebar design with numerous grip variations and optimal grip rigidity
Handlebars can be adjusted to 23 vertical and 13 horizontal positions
Conventional pedal system with extra-hardened inner axle and SPD system
Sweat guard on the brakes, drive system, and flywheel
Flywheel with fixed barrel, flywheel mass approx. 25 kg
Extra reinforced pedals with two industrial pedals for extreme pressure
Quiet and low-maintenance belt drive
Unisex Selle Royal saddle for perfect comfort
Integrated beverage holder and transport rollers
Energy ratio: 1:3
Max. body weight: 150 kg
Dimensions: L134 x W55 x H124 cm
Weight: 68 kg

3 Years