Finnlo Loxon XTR III Cross Trainer

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Health orientated ergometer cross training class HA. Premium equipment for ambitious cardio training: Induction braking system, 20 kg flywheel mass, 16 cm optimal footplate distance, 8 workout programs and 3 pulse driven programs
Do an effective cardio workout at home with the FINNLO Ergometer Loxon XTR. The incredibly precise class HA power control is perfect for health orientated cross training. The dynamic movement is perfectly suited for improving your stamina and boosting your circulatory system. You can also activate your upper body with simultaneous movement of your arms, thereby burning more calories – perfect for weight loss and fat reduction. You will also strengthen your muscles and define your body at the same time.

Effective cardio training with the Cross Trainer:

  • Improves the heart and respiratory functions
  • Effective weight and fat reduction
  • Body shaping and tissue tightening
  • Strengthening all muscle groups

FINNLO Cross Trainer Loxon XTR – features and functionality

Now with a new, comprehensive training computer

All of the functions on the Ergometers Loxon XTR Cross Trainer are controlled via the computer and its detailed display. This permanently displays different values, including: Distance, time, calories, speed, step frequency, performance, training program, 400 m rounds and your pulse. 8 exercise profiles and 3 pulse programs ensure the most variety. These can be easily adjusted using the quick select buttons. You enter a certain wattage or pulse value and your ergometer will control the resistance levels independently, to keep these values in check.
The rotational speed independent load control can be set to a range of between 20 and 400 watts (in accordance with DIN EN 957 – Norm) Additional premium features: Recovery pulse measure with fitness score as well as space to save 30 workout results. The pulse measurements are taken via integrated hand pulse sensors or an optional chest strap. The clear display shows the following performance statistics: Distance, time, speed, step frequency, calories, pulse, wattage as well as a 400 m training session.

Perfect workout ergonomics

You will be amazed at the perfect ergonomics of the Ergometers Loxon XTR Cross Trainer from the very first session. A minimal distance between the foot plates of only 16 cm makes your movements very natural. High-tech ball bearings with 2-way set handles as well as a precise induction braking system ensure a quiet and even workout session every time. A low maintenance grooved belt moves the 20 kg flywheel mass so the reversal point is easily overcome. The foot plates are also adjustable and can be fitted to any body size.

Important product information:

  • HA class Cross Trainer Ergometer (DIN EN 957-1/9) with precise, rotational speed independent power control
  • Automatic resistance adjustment using the computer
  • Low maintenance induction braking system for particularly even movements and jerk-free movement
  • 20-400 watt adjustable in 5 watts increments
  • Load control is independent to the pedalling speed
  • Incredibly low, optimised and ergonomic footplate distance of 16 cm
  • Grooved belt system and premium ball bearings for the perfect rotation
  • Swivel joints with 2-way ball bearings
  • High-tech ball bearings for very quiet running
  • Firm handles with hand pulse sensors and moving handles
  • Clear, easy to use training monitor with 8 different displays
  • Tablet/smart phone holder and USB charger port
  • Displays distance, time, km/h step frequency, calories burned, pulse wattage and 400 m rounds
  • 8 automatic Workout program as well as 3 pulse programs
  • Hand pulse and integrated sensors for pulse measurement using a chest strap (chest strap optional)
  • Adjustable pulse limit
  • Quick start button
  • Odometer (total training time)
  • Approx. 20 kg flywheel mass
  • Gear transmission ratio: 1:9<
  • Transport wheels and level compensation<
  • Max. body weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions set up (LxWxH) 148 x 58 x 158 cm
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz



3 Years