Finnlo CrossFlow Elliptical Trainer

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FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical trainer Crossflow
Innovative design meets maximum premium quality!
Health orientated cardiovascular training, endurance training to improve your stamina and high-intensity power training to pull off some steam after a stressful day are only a few of the reason why you should start training on the FINNLO Crossflow as soon as possible. The Crossflow is also exceptionally well-suited for weight loss, fat burning and toning.

Smooth, joint-friendly motion sequences ensure an efficient and comfortable training session. A computer-based, modern training system with 18 programs and 8 performance levels helps you achieve your personal goals and lets you configure your individual training session afresh each time.

Innovative technology for healthy and joint-friendly training

The FINNLO Crossflow is a true premium device that puts your comfort and health first. A gentle motion sequence paired with ergonomically designed footplates and handlebars, a double rail configuration, an advanced electromagnetic braking system and a 14 kg flywheel mass enable joint-friendly training at the highest level.

Advanced training computer with a health focus

Both beginners and pros have plenty of programs and performance levels to choose from on the Crossflow and will enjoy a varied and challenging training routine. This is made possible by a modern training computer combined with elegant hand pulse sensors and an integrated chest strap receiver.

A total of 18 training programs demonstrate the FINNLO Crossflow’s impressive versatility. The 4 cardio programs enable health-orientated cardiovascular training that keeps you fit and full of vitality.


The FINNLO Crossflow combines elegance and a modern style. The Crossflow’s premium quality is underlined by its tasteful, rounded accents.

Bottom line

A good fitness machine offers more than just comfortable training. It is well-built, highly effective and incorporates modern design elements. A brand machine like the Crossflow from FINNLO provides the user with many years of enjoyment and stands the test of time with high-quality components and a flawless finish. Now you can enjoy workouts in the comfort of your own home for years to come!




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