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Finnlo Bio Force Multi Gym

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The Finnlo "Bio Force" multigym uses nitrogen cylinders to provide resistance instead of a weight stack. This revolutionary technology means the versatile multigym is practically silent.

  • Silent multigym

  • Extremely versatile: more than 100 training possibilities

  • Practical: resistance can be adjusted using the slide mechanism

  • Particularly ergonomic: height-adjustable seat

  • Requires little space

Compact and completely versatile – the Finnlo "Bio Force" multigym
The Finnlo "Bio Force" multigym impresses with its compact design and wide range of exercise options. The perfect choice for working out at home. Thanks to its quiet operation you won’t have to worry about upsetting the neighbours with the sound of crashing weights any more. With a maximum training resistance of 110 kg, this multigym is ideally suited to home use and allows you to train all the important muscle groups. Be it for butterflies, bench presses, lat-pull training or leg curls – this multigym caters to a range of over 100 exercises. The resistance can easily be adjusted without even needing to get up.


  • Butterfly
  • Bench press
  • Seated lat pulldown
  • Low pulley
  • Standing leg curl


3 Years