Finnlo Autark 6000 Multi Gym

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 6000

The multifunctional "studio-quality" exercise tower and "strength-turbo" for professional fitness and strength-training at home. Includes leg extensor/extender function, separate butterfly unit and a 160° rotatable and height-adjustable roller system to efficiently work your muscles.

With the new multi-station Autark 6000 from FINNLO you can effectively work all your large muscle groups at home with professional, fitness studio-quality equipment. The multi gym also comes with a separate butterfly unit that has multiple adjustment options. This gives you more than enough freedom of movement even when rowing and doing bench presses. Turnable handles that ensure a perfect sequence of movement are also provided.
The multi gym comes with a 100kg weight block that is broken down into 18 five-kilo weight plates. The station even allows advanced bodybuilders to perfectly build up and define their entire body. Female problem zones are tightened, and men build up attractive muscles.

  • Broad, muscular V-shape
  • Strong, defined shoulders
  • Muscular upper arms
  • Six-pack and defined ab muscles
  • Health-oriented training of the back extensor
  • Tightening of the chest
  • Strong back
  • Toning of the shoulders
  • Toning/ definition of the arms
  • Toning / definition of the legs

The FINNLO Autark 6000 multi gym offers a variety of exercises for each muscle group as well as professional equipment and adjustment options that make the multi gym a real alternative to the gym.

The most important product information:

  • Resistance system with weight plates (100kg, 18 five-kilo weight plates)

  • Maximum tensile resistance of 110kg

  • Professional leg extensor/extender function with quick adjustment

  • Lateral, 160° rotatable and height-adjustable roller system

  • Comfortable seat can be adjusted vertically

  • Ball bearing mounted cable pull rollers for smooth and easy workouts

  • Separate butterfly unit and separate bench press unit

  • Professional studio accessories: wide, partially cushioned latissimus rod, tricep cable and high-quality hand straps

  • Exercises: Butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg bends, rowing, tricep press, crunches.

  • Dimensions when set up: (LxWxH) cm: 193x215x223

  • Space requirements: (LxWxH) cm: 235x350x223

  • Max. permissible body weight: 120 kg

  • Colour: anthracite/black



3 Years