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Finnlo Autark 1500 Multi Gym

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500

The AUTARK 1500 multi gym guarantees a professional start to strength training. Butterflies, lat pulls and rows are just as easy with this multi gym as crunches and numerous cable exercises. In contrast to other multi gyms, the AUTARK 1500 Multi-Gym has a professional feature for extensive leg muscle training, including leg curls and leg extensions. In addition, there is an integrated tricep cable, with which you can train even more effectively with the multi gym. The same applies for the butterfly lever arm, which has 5 angle adjustments for variations to exercises

The heart of the AUTARK 1500 multi gym is an 80 kg weight block comprised of 16 discs @ 5 kg. Take a seat on the ergonomically designed cushions, and the backrest and seat height offer vertical adjustments and enable perfect training ergonomy. This multi gym is distinguished by its stable steel frame and ball-bearing rollers. Optionally, an additional 20 kg can be added the AUTARK 1500 multi gym

Important product information:

  • Professional training tower with over 30 exercises for all major muscle groups

  • Resistance system with weight discs (80 kg, 16 5-kg discs)

  • Maximum resistance of 90 kg with optional supplemental weights of 20 kg (item no. 3835) can be expanded to 135 kg of resistance

  • Professional leg curls / leg extensions with quick position change

  • Comfortable seat allows multiple vertical positions

  • Cable rollers with ball bearings for smooth, continuous exercises

  • Ergonomic backrest with lumbar support offers seamless vertical and angle positioning

  • Butterfly adjusts to five different interior and exterior angles for diverse exercises

  • Separate curl unit for freestanding exercises

  • Crunch unit for effective stomach and six-pack training

  • Professional studio accessories: Long, partially-cushioned latissimus bar, tricep cable, swivelling, ball-bushing curl bar, foot straps

  • Exercises: butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull-downs, leg curls, leg extensions, arm curls, rows, tricep press, tricep pull-downs, crunches, etc.

  • Adjustable foot plate for standing exercises and seated rows

  • Full metal exterior

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 165 x 145 x 215 cm

  • Space requirements (L x W x H): 200 x 225 x 215 cm

  • Max. allowable body weight: 120 kg

  • Colour: anthracite / black


3 Years