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Elion Curved Focus Mitts Black

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Pair of Elion bear paws from the Uncage Collection.
Sold in pairs.

  • Exterior in mat skintex leather for excellent durability and easy maintenance.
  • Very high quality density foam to gain lightness and keep the original shape.
  • The set forms a very resistant pair over time for excellent durability.
  • Easy to put on thanks to its glove-shaped design. Padded support on the back of the wrist for greater comfort of use and excellent fixation.
  • Ergonomic reinforcement at the wrist for better grip.
  • Reinforced seams and thick drawstring laces on the contours.
  • Signature "E.Colette" on the closure.
  • Tested, approved and signed "E.Colette" by Eric Colette the trainer of champions such as Mormeck, Cheikh Kongo or mohamed Diaby.