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EasyDry Shower Towel

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Easydry Shower Towels

Easydry disposable towels are highly absorbent, hygienic, convenient, cost-effective and most importantly, environmentally friendly

  • Absorbent - The Easydry special layering system soaks up moisture more effectively than any traditional towel.
  • Hygienic - Easydry uses the latest technology to create soft, fresh-smelling and highly absorbent disposable towels that impress and reassure clients every visit.
  • Convenient - Easydry liberates you from the laborious task of laundering cotton towels and saves on valuable storage space.
  • Cost-effective - Using Easydry towels frees you from the fear of water and power bills spiralling out of control.
  • Environmentally friendly - With Easydry you no longer have to launder cotton towels (or send them out to be laundered) which eats up precious energy with washing and, especially, drying.

Every product in the EasyDry range is made from certified renewable sources, where trees are planted for every one harvested and so helping to stop deforestation.

  • Made from renewable sources
  • Completely recyclable
  • Disposable towels are 100% biodegradable (within three months)
  • Towels and our packaging is compostable

Do your members often forget their shower towels?

  • Are you looking for a shower towel that is compact, lightweight yet absorbent?
  • Would you members prefer a compact, lightweight and convenient shower towel?
  • Would you like to increase turnover with a previously untapped source of revenue?

Why not retail the Easydry Shower Towel range at your reception desk? Your members will be delighted with this convenient and hygienic option. Our multi-use, disposable shower towels are lightweight yet durable and absorbent. Simply use, allow to dry and use again. Your members can save valuable space in their kit bags and lockers with this amazing product.

Measures: 80 x 135cm