Datsusara Special Agent Wallet


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The Special Agent Wallet is our take on making the ultimate wallet utilising hemp for the main body. It's very functional with 6 card slots, a full bill hold area with divided zipper compartment, a coin pocket and a near silent tab fold closure system.

  • Body made of 100% 19oz Hemp Canvas and some 400D Nylon
  • Tab fold closure system, secures with no velcro or zippers
  • Size closed 3.75"H x 4.3"W x .75"D (9.5x11x1.9cm)
  • Size open 9.5"H x 4.3"W x .25"D (24x11x.6cm)
  • Full size bill hold area also features a divided zipper (YKK) compartment
  • 6 card slots, can hold 2 cards per slot
  • Zippered (YKK) coin pocket
  • Subtle back embroidered black on black logos, featuring the Datsusara Mon (crest) representing Hemp



Bags: You will likely never need to wash your Datsusara bag as hemp stays naturally clean due to it's antimicrobial and breathing properties. In case you do we recommend you only hand wash in cold water (cold water prevents material shrinkage) and line dry. It is possible to machine wash the bags but it's tricky and we cannot warranty against damage from machine washing. As for the "Nasty bags" (which are synthetic) we recommend washing them however you like but line dry.

Fightwear and Apparel: For gis, shorts and other apparel you can wash however you want. But don't use any bleach as it weakens the hemp, and do keep in mind the hotter the water the more the hemp will shrink. We strongly recommend machine washing a new gi at least 1-3 times to prevent shedding of the material which occurs naturally with our 100% hemp gis.



Datsusara provides a 3 year warranty on bags and a 1 year warranty on fightwear or apparel against faulty manufacturing. If your item breaks due to a fault in manufacturing while under warranty we will repair or replace it free of charge. Please do remember this does not cover natural wear and tear as any natural fibre will wear over time, faster if you are rough on your gear. Datsusara reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim that it deems to be the consumers fault due to misuse, such as loading up bags with C4 or practicing Jiu Jitsu with badgers. That being said at our discretion we may offer you our wear and tear discount which starts at 30% for year 1, 20% for year two and 10% for year 3.


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