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  • Black Bytomic V-Neck Martial Arts UniformBlack Bytomic V-Neck Martial Arts Uniform
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    Black Bytomic V-Neck Martial Arts Uniform
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  • Black Bytomic Red Label V-Neck Martial Arts UniformBlack Bytomic Red Label V-Neck Martial Arts Uniform
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    Black Bytomic Red Label V-Neck Martial Arts Uniform
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For everyday kids training clothes and protective gear, head over to our kids athletic apparel section.

Taekwondo uniforms are an important part of the martial art. The Dobok is a supportive uniform that symbolises strength, discipline and humility for the practitioner. The uniform is typically all white, including pants and a v-neck jacket with side splits to ensure freedom of movement. Martial artists in higher ranks are given black belts in place of white which are earned through class promotions and hard work. A colour belt around the waist is also present to show rank, where higher colour indicates more progress in the martial art. The uniform shows respect for the art and those who practise it; techniques are still exercised with impeccable precision and with the same level of dignity during training or while competing in tournaments.

Size, Materials & Colours at Made4Fighters

Taekwondo uniforms provide an important identity to children training in the martial art. Made4Fighters provides the perfect set of Taekwondo uniforms for kids, crafted from Cotton, Elastane and Polyester. Uniforms Made of 100% cotton will keep children cool and comfortable while training. Additionally, with a variety of styles and colours, it is important that parents select the right size to ensure safety, agility and modesty throughout their child's Taekwondo training.

Sizing varies between brands so when purchasing a uniform online it is important to consult the measuring guide available before purchase. Unsuitable sizing can result in ill-fitting clothing which may inadvertently interfere with the proper Taekwondo stance or technique; reducing the effectiveness of their practice sessions. Taking the time to properly measure your Taekwondo student will ensure they have the best possible outcomes from their lessons.

Kids International Taekwondo Federation Uniforms vs World Taekwondo Uniforms

Kids who participate in the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) competitions wear uniforms that are typically made of thicker fabric with elbow sleeves, and are designed to provide more protection during sparring. The uniforms also feature patches displaying their rank on the left side and an additional patch displaying the school or organisation on the right side. On the other hand, kids enrolled in World Taekwondo (WT) sanctioned events wear uniforms that are lightweight and tight-fitting so they can move more freely while competing.

WT uniforms consist of vests that display the competitor's name and number on the front, as well as identifying patches from schools or organisations placed on both sides of the chest. Both ITF and WT uniforms come in various colours such as navy blue, red, white, black and green - making it easy for judges to easily differentiate competitors in a large tournament match.