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BJJ Mats

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BJJ mats, also known as jiu-jitsu mats, offer a soft surface for fighter and martial arts training.

What Can BJJ mats be used for?

  • Boxing - Brazilian jiu-jitsu mats are an essential part of training for boxers. The thick foam padding helps cushion the boxer's feet as they strike the heavy bag or engage in sparring matches with their opponent. It also provides a stable surface for practising footwork techniques and can protect against injuries such as slips or falls.
  • MMA - They provide a safe surface for martial artists to grapple and take each other down without risking injury on a harder surface. However, BJJ mats serve a larger purpose in MMA by simulating the feeling of fighting on an actual mat or canvas in an octagon.
  • Yoga - They can also provide the perfect base for a yoga session or other forms of exercise that require a comfortable surface.
  • Fitness Studios - They protect joints from hard floors while allowing for smooth movements and added cushion. In some studios, they can even be arranged in a grid pattern to create individual spaces for group workouts like circuit training or bootcamp classes.

Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your Jiu Jitsu studio?

Look no further than our Bytomic 40mm reversible jigsaw mats! These mats come in a few different colors to complement any environment, and their interlocking design allows you to cover as much or as little space as you need. Plus, the anti-slip surface provides a secure foundation for practicing martial arts. And if you're worried about the mats being temporary or difficult to install, don't fret – they can easily be laid out temporarily or fixed down for long-term use. So why not give our Bytomic jigsaw mats a try in your Jiu Jitsu studio? You won't be disappointed.