Bytomic 20kg Dumbbell Set

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The Bytomic 20KG Dumbbell set is the perfect addition to your home gym whether you are a dumbbell pro or just starting out. Great for training your whole body from your arms, shoulders and chest to your back and legs.

These dumbbells are easy to put together and you can change the weight to suit the level you want to work at. The cast iron design means they are built to last and the spin collars ensure each weight is held in place securely. After you finish your workout the dumbbells set can be packed away in a convenient carry case, making it great for those who are short on space.

  • Spin Collar
  • Circular Shape Weights
  • Adjustable weight - can add and remove weights as desired
  • Covenant carry case
  • Weights 1.25 and 2.5kg
  • Cast Iron



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