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What size boxing gloves is best for Women?

What size boxing gloves is best for Women?

In the sport of boxing, there are different gloves for different genders. This might seem like a trivial thing to some people, but it is actually a very important distinction. The size of boxing gloves that a woman should get is not exactly the same as the size of gloves that a man should get. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at why this is and what size boxing gloves women should wear. We will also look at some of the benefits of these gloves. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Having the Right Boxing Gloves Is Essential for Every Boxer

Boxing gloves are an essential piece of safety equipment in any bout. Not only do they protect the boxer's hands and wrists; they also protect their opponent by providing a cushioning effect when punches are thrown. Through the use of these gloves, potentially serious injuries like facial cuts and broken noses can be minimized or avoided altogether. Moreover, boxing gloves help to ensure that matches take place on a level playing field, because no matter how strong a punch is, it will still be significantly softened by the glove padding. This way boxers of varying strengths can spar without one having an unfair advantage over the other. On top of all that, different sized gloves accommodate for different body sizes and prevent larger fighters from using their size as an effective weapon against their opponents. 

Choosing the right size boxing gloves for women

When choosing boxing gloves for women, it is important to get the right size. Women tend to get smaller gloves than men because their hands are generally smaller but this is different for each individual. Boxing gloves should fit snugly, so they offer adequate protection and support. There are a few things you should take into account when choosing the right size boxing gloves:

  1. The weight of the gloves
  2. The size of your hand
  3. The type of boxing gloves you are buying
  4. How often you plan on using them

The weight of the gloves is an important consideration when choosing the right size. Heavier gloves will provide more protection and padding, but they will also be harder to use and wear down your hands more quickly. 

The size of a woman's boxing glove is incredibly important for safety and comfort. Having the wrong size of glove can result in a lack of support, leading to wrist and hand injuries from the shock waves from punches impacting bones instead of being cushioned by the glove. A poorly fitting glove can also lead to less control over punches due to the shifting around of material.

It is key that a women chooses a boxing glove based on her own personalized size measurement, rather than relying on gender generalizations when selecting a size. Accessing proper sized gloves not only provides extra support and protection against potential injury, but also allows her to train with maximum power, precision and accuracy - making training efficient and effective.

If you are a lighter person, or someone who prefers to jab and move around the ring, you will need a smaller glove. The most common sizes for women are 6 ounce, 8 Ounce, 10 Ounce, 12 Ounce. Choose your boxing gloves wisely!

 The type of boxing gloves you are buying is another factor to consider – different types of gloves have different shapes and sizes for example Sparring or competing in tournaments will require specific types of gear for optimal protection and performance. The fight camp educates fighters on the importance of selecting gloves that are just right for them, tailored to their individual weight! Knowing which size glove is correct can give an edge when sparring in and out of the ring.

And finally, how often you plan on using them is important – if you plan on using them frequently, you will need a heavier glove that can withstand more wear and tear or something made out of a high quality and durable leather. PubMed explains a conducted study on wrist injuries in boxing and ways to prevent them whilst Sydney west physio explain the most common injuries that boxers face in general.

Get the best protection for your hands

When shopping for a pair of boxing gloves, don't forget to factor in whether you'll be wearing hand wraps beneath the glove. These extra layers may slightly alter the size that best fits your fists! Get ready to take your boxing game to the next level! We have a great selection of hand wraps from top brands like Rival, Bytomic, Reebok, Cleto Reyes and more. Whether you're an amateur or professional boxer looking for superior protection while sparring in the ring.

Our top 5 picks for the best boxing gloves for women!

  1. Bytomic Axis Ladies Boxing Gloves - Step into the ring with confidence and style wearing Bytomic Axis Ladies Boxing Gloves. The soft touch matte material gives them an unmistakable elegance, while a glossy print and embossed wrist patch add even more charm to these premium ladies fit boxing gloves. But don't let their beauty fool you; they come packed with all the protection needed for your training sessions thanks to high density injection molded foam core, comfortable padded interior lined with moisture wicking mesh fabric as well as superior wrist support from their practical hook & loop closure system!
  2. Top Ten Womens Boxing Gloves - For female boxers, TOP TEN gloves offer an exceptional combination of safety and comfort. Crafted with PPS foam cushioning covered in supple NBK II artificial leather, these mitts feature a washable taffeta lining for breathability. Reinforced thumb locks provide maximum stability while ensuring that your grip is always secure – so you can focus on delivering the punch instead.
  3. Elion Paris Arrogant Dragon Ball Z Buu Boxing Gloves - Elion have created a range of Boxing Gloves especially for fans of Akira Toriyama's cult manga and combat sports practitioners. For a world first, the cult Manga and Shonen Dragon Ball Z, pillar of Manga culture around the world, is teaming up with ELION Paris, a sports brand specialising in boxing and combat sports equipment, to release a collection of 6 pairs of Limited edition boxing gloves in the colours of the iconic characters from the animated series. For this Dragon Ball Z X ELION Paris limited edition, The Arrogant is delivered in its matte pearly white and hot-golden box opening in the centre and revealing the Spirit and Time Room, a place of training, in the background. 
  4. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - For the elite fighter, Venum Elite Boxing Gloves provide a formidable combination of comfort and protection. Crafted entirely by hand in Thailand using premium materials, these gloves' ergonomic design features a triple layer foam for maximum shock absorption with every punch - ensuring your metacarpals remain protected without compromising on performance. Step into the ring with confidence knowing that optimum ventilation combined with superior craftsmanship will support you all the way to victory.

  5. Top Ten Flowers Ladies Boxing Gloves 10oz - Let your fists do the talking with Top Ten Ladies Flower Boxing Gloves! Handcrafted to fit a woman's frame, these 10oz gloves are perfect for throwing powerful punches. Superfight-quality and durable construction ensures you'll never go wrong in the ring - so start training today.

Following Guidelines

Glove Size - According to the Association Of Boxing Commissions the glove weight shall be the same as used by male boxers. Larger gloves may be used if agreed upon by both boxers. The Championship rules that females up to 154 lbs., shall use 8 oz., gloves and female boxers over 154 lbs, shall use 10 oz, gloves properly fitted. 

The World Boxing Association has laid out an important set of rules and regulations to govern their Female Championship title. All female boxers must prepare for the competition with gloves sized according to weight: 8oz. boxes up until 147lbs., but 10oz. ones over that limit, providing a measure of extra protection in higher-stakes matches!

Training vs Sparring Gloves

There are many different types of boxing gloves for women training and sparring. The type of glove you choose will depend on your training goals and the level of competition you are in. For training, you will want to choose a glove that is comfortable and allows you to move your hands easily. You may also want to consider a glove with extra padding to protect your hands during training. For competition, you will want to choose a glove that is approved by the governing body of your sport. You will also want to choose a glove that is comfortable and allows you to move your hands easily. You may also want to consider a glove with extra padding to protect your hands during competition.

Discover the ultimate in boxing protection with our extensive range of protective equipment! Get ready for your upcoming match and make sure you're outfitted like a champ.

Storing your boxing gloves - the right way

If you're a boxing enthusiast, then you know that taking care of your equipment is important. This includes storing your boxing gloves properly. Boxing gloves can be expensive, so you want to make sure they last as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to store your boxing gloves (take into consideration the material of the gloves):

  • When not in use, store your boxing gloves in a cool, dry place.
  • If possible, store your boxing gloves in a breathable bag or container. This will help prevent them from getting musty.
  • Do not store your boxing gloves in direct sunlight, as this can cause the material to degrade over time.
  • When not in use, stuff your boxing gloves with newspaper or another soft material. This will help them retain their shape.
  • When not in use, hang your boxing gloves up by the laces. This will prevent them from getting creased or misshapen.

No Stink deodorising products are designed to be an affordable way of keeping your sports equipment fresh and dry! The range includes the original and best selling sports glove deodoriser and the two latest additions; the sports bag deodoriser and shoe deodoriser. Extend the life of your sports equipment by simply inserting the No Stink deodoriser into your equipment when not in use leave the product to do the rest!

Research is key in finding the perfect gloves

After researching the size of boxing gloves for women, we can come to the conclusion that it all depends on the specifications of your hands. If you have a smaller set of hands, then you should look into smaller gloves. Conversely, if your hands are bigger, you should be looking for larger ones. It's important not to shortchange yourself and make sure that your gloves fit properly; otherwise, you won't get the most out of your workouts and may find yourself frustrated with uncomfortable training sessions.

Each woman must evaluate her individual needs and decide which glove sizes may be best for her particular situation. With a proper pair of gloves in hand, you will feel empowered and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way as you work toward achieving your fitness goals!

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