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Now that the dust has settled – A look back at Gustafsson vs Cormier

Now that the dust has settled – A look back at Gustafsson vs Cormier

The Toyota Centre in Houston has seen some barnstorming battles over the last few years. The NBA’s Houston Rockets, showcase some of the most brilliant fast-paced attacking basketball in the league and the main event of UFC 192 was absolutely able to live up to the energy of the arena’s usual tenents.

A main event worth it’s billing

It’s already been hailed as one of the most frenetic and entertaining main events in recent memory, and the two warriors delivered an absolutely gripping bout which went the distance, meaning the two had to be separated by decision from the judge at ringside.

Gustafsson, seemed absolutely desperate for the first round bell to start, and coming off of a crushing and controversial defeat to Anthony Johnson, wanted to put his recent setback behind him in quick fashion. However, it was the man from Louisiana who took the early initiative, scoring a round 1 takedown and controlled the flow of the match in the opening exchanges. Gustafsson deserves credit for the way he was able to hold his own in the resulting ground game and even managed a flurry of his own towards the round’s end, but it wasn’t enough to steal the round from Cormier.

Gustafsson started round 2 in much more composed fashion, seemingly coming to grips with his opponent and mananged to draw colour from Cormier, with Gustafsson cutting open his opponent’s lip.

This would only set the stage for the insane third round, with both men showing their pedigree; exchanging strikes throughout and each fighter was able to seize the momentum at various points. The last minute of round 3 showcased the UFC at it’s finest, and if you haven’t already watched the fight, we recommend at this time you go and find a way to watch a replay of the action. This was the closest round of the 5, and you can already find opinions from former fighters and lengthy analysis from combat sports experts on the net. We’ve give the edge to Cormier, as did the judges, but we can understand both sides of the call.

Rounds 4 and 5 saw the pace drop, as both fighters were struggling with injuries inflicted bythe other during the course of the encounter; but heavy and meaningful blows were traded to the very last bell. By our reckoning, it’s one of the most impressive main events in the last few years, and in the end Cormier was awarded the fight in a split decision, 49-46. Some have argued that Gustafsson deserved to reap bigger rewards for his effective offense, whereas others professed the merits of Cormier, who showed massive heart and weathered the storm at key points in the fight.

Did you think that in the end, the correct decision was made? Let us know your thoughts on the match and the result by leaving a comment below, or getting in touch with Made4Fighters on social media by using any of the social buttons below.

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