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Made4Fighters – Injected with Venum

Made4Fighters – Injected with Venum

Made4Fighters is associated with the biggest brands from around the world, offering our customers the opportunity to check out and purchase high-quality, intelligently designed items, which have fighters in mind during every step of the way from concept inception to your door.

Venum is another of these acclaimed brands, bolstering its status throughout the world of MMA for being one of the most active brand sponsors of some of the finest names, such as Lyota Machida, Wanderlei Silva and Miesha Tate. Check out these lightweight, high-performance adult boxing gloves , which boast triple density foam, aiding with shock absorption and offering enhanced protection for your hands.

Designed and produced by combat sports experts, these gloves feature a reinforced palm and 100% attached thumb, so you can avoid common injuries and spend longer training. Speaking of spending longer training, these Venum boxing gloves are crafted from hard-wearing leather, so that a lack of durability is never an issue when you sport these gloves whilst sparring or in a competitive bout.

These official Venum gloves are currently available from Made4Fighters for a price of £39.75, don’t miss out and grab yourself a pair before it’s too late.

The vast Venum brand selection at Made4Fighters encompasses: apparel, equipment and a myriad of sports gear such as head guards, hand wraps and gloves. Whatever your chosen discipline, you can find the perfect product to assist you in training harder than ever before in supreme comfort.

Venum’s casual apparel wear range at Made4Fighters can make a very real claim for providing some of the most striking designs. We’re eager to showcase this Tiger King Tee, reminiscent of Street Fighter’s Muay Thai expert, Sagat, this awesome design is sold in an athletic fit, sure to flatter all body types; making this the perfect addition for those long gym sessions or for a lads’ night out. Longevity and comfort are guaranteed as our casual MMA t-shirts consist of 100% premium cotton.

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