The Most Popular Workout Gear for Women

The Most Popular Workout Gear for Women

7th Jan 2019

Take your training to the next level with top-rated fitness gear

Researching your first pair of boxing gloves or wondering which sports bra will get you through that brutal WOD? Combining years of martial arts experience with product testing and customer feedback, we’ve curated an elite catalogue of the industry’s best workout gear for women. Selected from industry favourites such as Opro, Ringside, Venum, Tatami and more, we're giving you the ultimate rundown on what workout and martial arts gear women are trusting to get them through even the toughest training. Whether your goal is to wear your workout gear for a hard day in the gym or mix it up with outdoor cross-training, our bestsellers are the most popular and highly-rated women’s gear money can buy.

Loved by pros and beginners alike, here are the star standouts of women’s training gear:

Adidas Box Hog Plus Boxing Boots in Blue/Pink

These Adidas boxing shoes are built to give you an agile response without sacrificing support. A gum rubber outsole ensures a secure grip while the breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool. These industry favourites have more than earned their spot as a bestseller with a 4.9/5 review.

adidas box hog boxing boots

Bytomic Cool Guard Bra

The Bytomic Cool Guard Sports Bra is one of the few that can keep up with your high-intensity and high-impact workouts. Testing by Universities proved this bra to be one of the best sports bras on the market, offering protection against painful impact from all sports. 

bytomic cool guard sports bra

Ringside Pro Fitness Boxing Gloves

Designed for women looking for an elite standard of glove for keeping fit, these Ringside Pro Boxing Gloves are renowned for their superior quality at an entry level price. The Pro Fitness glove, made from synthetic leather, was developed to be as dependable and functional as they are beautiful. Keep your gloves fresh with the durable construction of a breathable mesh palm vent. With an iconic brand offering moisture wicking design, velcro wrist straps and layered foam padding at an affordable price point, how can you say no?

ringside pro boxing gloves

Venum Kontact Hand Wraps 2.5M

Served in multiple fun colour ways and two length options, Venum’s Kontact boxing tapes consistently top the charts as a best seller. Velcro closures offer customized tightening and elastic cotton construction yields comfort and support for your next round. 

venum boxing tapes

No Stink Sports Shoe Deodouriser

Hard training days aren’t without gnarly smells. An inexpensive and all-natural solution for extending the life of your favourite shoes and your status in gym society. No Stink’s deodourising pouches are the ultimate secret weapon for keeping your kicks dry and stink free.

Made from non-toxic, eco friendly bamboo and activated charcoal, these shoe deodourisers are antibacterial, reusable, and recyclable.

Simply drop one of the deodourising pouches inside each shoe at the end of a long workout. Fresher days are ahead. 

shoe deodouriser

So whether you’re into CrossFit, boxing or MMA, our roundup of the industry’s top workout gear is suitable for women of all fitness levels and disciplines. It’s no secret that having the proper gear and correct form can transform your training program and catapult your progress. And while this roundup of top gear is far from exhaustive, these fitness gear staples offer a solid capsule of quality workout gear that promises durability over excess.