How to Get the Most Wear Out of Your Martial Arts Clothing

How to Get the Most Wear Out of Your Martial Arts Clothing

10th Aug 2018

It’s no secret that gym-wear as everyday wear is a huge trend. But while workout tanks and black leggings can make excellent pieces to wear on a casual Friday, brunch date, or supermarket run, your martial arts clothing for women can be a bit more tricky to wear for every day. We’re not trying to say that you need to sport your MMA gloves, or sparring headgear on a night out (although we’re not discouraging it either...), there are certainly many martial arts gear staples that can be extremely multi-functional. So, whether your goal is to wear your martial arts clothing for leisure or cross-training, here are the most multi-functional products money can buy.


women's combat sports apparel

A pretty obvious choice when it comes to workout wear as daywear, martial arts spats can be extremely multi-functional if you get the right brand and color. The common qualities that make them great for martial arts training (compression fit and non-transparent material) also provide for a comfortable yet practical pair of leggings to wear around town. While bright patterns and colors are great for the fighting gym, if you want to wear your spats outside of an exercise environment, you should aim to keep your color palette monochromatic. These Minimal Spats by Tamai are a great choice if you’re looking for multi-functional gym clothing. Known for being durable, yet comfortable, these black spats are the perfect choice for everything from exercise to running errands.

Sports Vest

sports vests make awesome multi-functional workout clothing

While you probably wouldn’t want to wear a sports vest to coffee with friends, it is great for a number of sports, so you’ll get plenty of wear even if it’s not every day. Ideal for hockey, football, and fencing, a sports vest is a great idea if you plan to do any cross-training. With a removable guard, the Bytomic Sports Vest is comfortable while offering ideal protection.

Fightwear Sports Bras

fightwear sports bras are perfect for wearing during any cross-training

Another fairly obvious choice when it comes to multifunctional workout clothing, sports bras designed specifically for combat sports offer more support and protection than an average sports bra. These qualities make them ideal for other cross-training activities as well. For example, the Clinch Gear Multi-sport Racerback Sports Bra is perfect for all high-intensity and high-impact activities as it’s compression technology provides a locked down feel that controls bounce.

Racerback Tanks

racerback tanks are perfect for wearing your gym clothes all day

Racerback tanks offer a unique freedom of movement, making them great for everything from combat sports and cross-training to a casual lunch. As with spats, too many patterns/colors can be a bit aggressive outside of the gym, so for a casual everyday look, opt for dark colors and solid patterns. This tank top by Venum is made of extremely durable polyester, perfect for repeat wear and frequent washings. 

Live by these basic rules and your gear will last you longer- they even work for kids martial arts clothing! For all things martial arts gear- Made4Fighters has you covered.